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Kirk writes for TV and the theatre (both youth and adult).
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The Lost Land

Musical for children
Book and lyrics by Kirk Dunn; Score by Eliot Nile

The Lost Land is a fast-paced musical romp about conflict resolution that stresses the power of language over physical violence or intimidation. When one teen gang is planning to retaliate against their archrivals, they’re all suddenly transported to a funky medieval Lost Land where Deke The Dragon, an impressive rapping lizard, shows them that, to solve their problems, it’s better to rap and rhyme than to rock and rumble.

The Lost Land was Winner of StoryBook Theatre's 1992 New Play Competition. It was produced there, as well as having been mounted by The Alumnae Theatre, Magnus Theatre and Shakespeare in Action.

Casting: gender-neutral; 26 +/- actors, or 4 - 6 actors 

Running time: under 1 hour



Musical for children
Book and lyrics by Kirk Dunn; Score by Greg Diakun

Derek is a bully who delights in terrorizing his sister, Robbie, and their cousin, Hank. When Derek discovers that Hank is working on a project about Vikings, he is inspired to pretend he is one himself – the perfect excuse for "attacking and conquering." Frustrated, Robbie comes up with the idea of impersonating Todd, the one kid Derek fears, to put a stop to Derek’s behaviour. But when Robbie finds herself in the power position, she is just as bad to Derek as Derek was to her. The kids eventually realize that bullying breeds more bullying, and resolve to find creative solutions that work for everyone.

Derek The Viking was Winner of StoryBook Theatre's 1995 New Play Competition.  It was produced there, as well as at Magnus Theatre in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Casting: 2 male actors, 1 female
Running time: under 1 hour



Musical for children
Book and Lyrics by Kirk Dunn

This fun, fast-paced musical for young audiences is based on Peter Pan... with a few twists.  Mike and Jenny get caught in a showdown between Pete and Captain Hook – complicated by three silly pirates, a few dangerous crocodiles, and bumbling parents.

Casting: Gender-neutral; 20 +/- actors
Running time: under 1 hour



A satire by David Burgess, Claire Dunn and Kirk Dunn
Based on a Collective Creation by David Burgess, Angelo Celeste, Claire Ross Dunn, Kirk Dunn, Tracey Hoyt, Sandy MacMaster, Kevin Prentice, Ken Chubb and Lloy Coutts. Ken Chubb was dramaturge. Lloy Coutts was director.

A modern adaptation of William Wycherley's biting Restoration satire The Country WifeForest Hill Cares satirizes the hypocrisy of public caring amongst the cosmopolitan elite. Famous researcher Frank and playboy lawyer Roger are doing billionaire Pinch a favour: he has found a young, nubile wife in rural-born Margie, and wants her to pass a medical and sign a prenup before he announces their union. In return, Frank and Roger want the Pinch Foundation to support Frank's newest venture with its upcoming fundraiser. They cook up a plan to make Roger the clinic's stricken poster boy; which gives him a devious new way to gain access to rich wives behind their husbands’ backs. Margie, eager to fit in, becomes Roger’s newest pursuit. The fundraiser is a roaring success: Despite the revelation that the whole thing is a fraud, all parties keep lips sealed for fear of looking the fool both publicly and privately. And Margie manages to come out cleanly on top, having learned the devious ways of her new circle.

Forest Hill Cares received two Toronto Arts Council grants, and was presented in staged readings at Theatre Passe Muraille, and as part of the ScriptLab series at Harbourfront. 

Casting: 8 actors – 3 female, 5 male
Running Time: full-length, 2 acts