In 2003, Kirk was awarded a significant Chalmers Foundation Fellowship through the Ontario Arts Council in support of “Stitched Glass,” an installation of 5’ x 8’ tapestry panels, knit in the style of stained glass. The work explores the commonalities and conflicts of the three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 

Kirk could not have foreseen the scope of the work. After 15 years of research, design and knitting, he has completed all three tapestries – the Christian, Judaic, and Islamic. Kirk’s background as a PK – a preacher’s kid - inspired his interest in religion and spirituality. With “Stitched Glass,” he has found a way to combine both his faith and textile interests.

Starting in May, 2019, Ergo Arts Theatre will tour the textile exhibition alongside a one-hour theatrical play called The Knittting Pilgrim, performed by Kirk, animating the exhibition. The evening of exhibition and play can also feature a panel discussion about the issues of interfaith understanding, compassion, and empathy.

Kirk also gives talks about the project. To book a talk about Stitched Glass, please contact us.


Kirk Dunn is a Canadian Textile Artist who focuses on knitting. His Stitched Glass installation, over a decade in the making, explores the commonality and conflicts between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. See more at