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The Presbyterian Church in Canada

Knitting the Faiths Together

Knitting the Faiths Together

I was lucky enough to have Presbyterian Connection – the quarterly publication of The

Presbyterian Church in Canada – ask me to write an op ed piece about Stitched Glass, my

installation of three hand-knit tapestries in the shape of stained glass windows, looking at

the commonalities and differences of the Abrahamic faiths.

They asked me to do this because I am on my last segment of the project’s third and final

tapestry (pretty exciting stuff, because it’s taken me 15 years of knitting to get here), and

also because I am in the midst of preparing, with my wife Claire Ross Dunn and the

wonderful folk at Ergo Arts Theatre, to premiere a one-act play called The Knitting

Pilgrim that will accompany the Stitched Glass exhibition on tour. That will all be

happening soon.

So I’m sharing the Presbyterian Connection piece. Happy reading. And if you’re curious

about how to book the play and the exhibit of the textile work, please click here.