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Stitched Glass at the Toronto Knitters Guild

Stitched Glass at the Toronto Knitters Guild

On Wednesday, May 16, I had the pleasure of talking to the Toronto Knitters Guild at the University of Toronto’s Innis Town Hall about my installation of knitted tapestries, Stitched Glass.

Kirk At Podium.png

The last time I did a talk to the Knitters Guild about the installation, I think only the first Stitched Glass tapestry was complete. So that was a while ago.


Knitters Guild President Carol Mather Miles was kind enough to introduce me. 

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Other than talking about Stitched Glass and the play we’ll be touring with the installation, The Knitting Pilgrim, there were three things I really enjoyed about the evening.

Kirk Chatting with Guild Members.png

One – it was so great to be amongst so many knitters, everyone steadfastly knitting their projects, chatting about knitting (one of my favourite things, of course) and solving each other’s pattern or stitch problems. It made me realize how much I’ve knitted alone these past few years – okay, past lots of years – and how much fun it was to get out amongst my peers.


So the first thing I’ll be doing is renewing my membership. It’s been far too long with me knitting alone in my living room.


Two – it’s always fun to meet yarn suppliers I don’t know about. The evening’s supplier was Viola Yarns – they had beautiful skeins of hand-dyed wool on offer.


And three – I really enjoyed getting feedback from my fellow knitters about how to get Stitched Glass out into the world. People had great ideas and I so appreciate all of them.

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It’s great to feel part of a community. So I’m coming back as soon as I can, and when I do, I’ll have a much smaller project on hand to knit. Much smaller.