As we near the March on Washington on Jan 21, 2017, and the Toronto edition of the March on the same day, all the Pussy Hat knitters I know have revved their engines and are knitting up a pink storm.


I just completed my first beaver-themed Pussy Hat at the request of Tracey Erin Smith, Artistic Director of Soulo Theatre, who, along with Savoy Howe, is bringing an entire bus of women down to Washington.


Here is the first of two beaver designs:

I am now knitting the second beaver-themed pussy hat. Here is its design on Stitchpainter:

If anybody is interested in trying this, I would recommend adding a few plain rows of background colour between the lower beaver and the upper beaver;  just so that when the hat folds over as per the pattern, the icons will both stay below the fold on their respective sides (if you look closely at the photo below, you can see that's what I've done).

Here is how the second beaver version is looking so far (with me in the first beaver-themed pussy hat):

After the Jan 21 march, I will upload photos of the hats in action, both here and in Washington, sending a bold, knit one purl one pink message of solidarity with women all over the world.