Okay. It’s true. I can’t help myself. I keep making these hats for The Pussy Hat Project. Yes, way back in my brain, I suppose I am dreaming that I can make 54 of them for everyone one of the passengers on Tracey Erin Smith’s and Savoy Howe’s Soulomobile – all participants in Soulo Theatre’s March on Washington on Jan 21, 2017. I probably won’t make that goal before they leave for their marchtravaganza for women’s rights, and to make their voices heard, and to make theatre about their experience.


But I’ll keep knitting them anyway. Right up until the final day.


Because they are so fun to knit.


And they’re easy.


And they’re even more fun to customize.


Here’s my fourth pussy hat, in a Harlequin pattern. See what I mean? It’s just so darn fun, right? Or should I say… so yarn fun (pardon the bad Dad/knitter's joke there).


To hear more about the whole thing, read the blogs running up to this one, or watch this quick video Tracey and I shot on a freezing cold day last week in Toronto:

Oh, and I hear today that Yarns Untangled in Toronto’s Kensington Market is a drop-off point for pussy hats if you want to send yours to Washington.


Protest knitters unite! Go knit a pussy hat! ‘Cause it’s so yarn fun.