The Knitting Pilgrim and Stitched Glass Tour


The Knitting Pilgrim, featuring actor and knitter Kirk Dunn, is a multidisciplinary one-man show that combines personal storytelling, image projection, and three huge knitted panels that look like stained glass windows, to explore the connection amongst the Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The play recounts Kirk’s fifteen-year artistic and spiritual journey of hand-knitting the ambitious project, and looks at why people struggle to get along today, the meaning of art, the hell of grant-writing and the power of love to overcome major obstacles (and minor mishaps).

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Media Coverage

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ELMT Radio "Moment of Truth" Host: David Moses.

Amherst Island Radio CJAI 92.1 FM

CBC Radio North "Up North," Host: Wendy Bird

 Amherst Island - CJAI Amherst island Radio 92.1

 CBC Radio Ottawa Morning, Host: Robyn Bresnahan

CFMU Hamilton, “Morningfile,” Host: Olivia Fava

 Hamilton - CFMU at McMaster Radio, Jamie “Gunner” Smith,  Hawk Radio Mohawk college radio station, interview with Kirk, 2:10, June 28 2019


The Knitting Pilgrim 2019 - Tour Dates

We continue to book in Fall 2019, through 2020, and beyond.

One-Man Show & Talk Back




Knitting WorkshopS

FALL 2019

  •  Friday, Nov 1 @ 1-4pm: knitting workshop at FACTS, Blyth, ON


Kirk’s commitment to seeing this remarkable 15-year project through is outstanding. He has taken an accessible medium like knitting and not only placed it in the Museum, but used it to communicate ideas that can help repair our social fabric. And then to combine it with a piece of theatre - that is to truly create a unique offering.
— Nataley Nagy, Executive Director, Kelowna Art Gallery
In the knitting world where grey and beige plain sweaters seem to rule, how extraordinary to find this energetic man knitting such detailed and intricate color. I applaud his moxie!
— Kaffe Fassett, Textile Artist
The Knitting Pilgrim is astounding and the opportunity to engage with it and Kirk’s amazing story-telling talent is a much needed balm for our age, for any age.
— Peter Smith, Project & Creative Director, Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity
Toronto Fringe, Bloor St. United Church. Credit: Matthew Sarookanian

Toronto Fringe, Bloor St. United Church. Credit: Matthew Sarookanian

What Audiences Are Saying:

This show was transformative. When something you looked at before you came in, you can see the exact same thing after you leave and it looks different to you, and you think differently about it, and you feel differently about it … That’s the mark of really, really, really exceptional theatre. When people ask me how this play was, I say I really cannot describe it to you: it is beyond description. I would give this 6 stars, if I could, out of 5.
— CFMU Hamilton Fringe Review
A brilliant show that sticks with you, teaches you how to think, about faith, empathy resilience, and art. When doubt about your talent slips in and dogs your every step keep knitting. The end created a wonderful gasp and the tears begin to flow. This is a brilliant moving piece.
— Deb K.
This is a wonderful, compelling, one-of-a-kind show! My favourite at the Fringe thus far. A “from-the-heart” tale of artistic creativity, religious tolerance, and the difficult beauty of finding your path. Went with my teenagers and we haven’t stopped talking about it since!
— Cynthia S.
You should see this work in person at the Fringe while you can. For it is my belief that years from now, after the tapestries have finished touring as part of this show, and then have gone on to tours of major museums across the country ... that this work will rank among the great pieces of Canadian art, and indeed one of the great pieces of art in the world
— Scott W.
I couldn’t have said this better, Scott. I was truly shocked by how MOVING this show is, on many many levels. I couldn’t talk when the tapestries were revealed. They are stunning. I hope this show travels the world, and then comes back to Toronto where I will see it AGAIN.
— Patti L.